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How to import luminati proxies into Open Bullet Anomaly Modded Version?

  • I have authorised my ip address(which i use to crack) to be whitelisted and downloaded my static ip proxies txt file. Checking on some forumns and some YouTube videos, i saw 2 ways, how they use luminati proxies on OB.

    1. By adding (http) before all the ip's and importing them directly to OB
    2. By using luminati proxy manager and importing the single IP:Port of my proxy manager via a txt file.

    Unfortunately both the methods didn't work for me. I did refer the older threads, but couldn't get a clear solution. So please help me reg this if anyone knows. TIA 🙂

  • @Jesse_pinkman importing proxies shoud work fine i guess but cross check your txt file where you have saved your proxies in and go to ob proxies option and import again. Make sure you choose the right category being http/socks4/sock5.

  • @kayfx i still don't know what kind of proxies they are. I checked everything, but seems not working for me 😔.

  • @Jesse_pinkman you can text me, i will be glad to help you on that.

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