browser wait page load

  • Open the page in the browser, click on the login, how to wait for the browser page to load, do not want to use the waitforelement, thank you

  • Hey, I've a similar problem. OpenBullet open the Browser and make action like DOMtoSource, before the Website is loaded in the browser.
    A function like "wait for x sec." would be great,

  • I think with the function "delay" it should work. just make a function delay block after your navigate block so that it gives the website enough time to load before the next blocks get triggered. You need to write in input string how many milliseconds it should wait.

  • Yeah, this works for me fine, thank you!
    "FUNCTION Delay "5000" -> VAR "Brake" "

  • @rabbit the var name is not important tbh you can leave that empty just the input string is important 🙂 but im glad that this worked for you

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