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OpenBullet 2 more information

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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to disclose some more information regarding OpenBullet 2.

    I would like to begin by saying that I'm around 35% done, I'm currently implementing all the blocks (the ones that already exist in OB1 and some new ones) but a lot more work must go into adding functionalities, writing unit tests and refining every feature to be as stable as possible.

    C# Code in Configs
    I already talked about this on the forum, but let's make it a formal statement. In OpenBullet2 you will be able to write C# code in your configs and mix it with blocks.

    There is a transpiler that will convert every block into pure C# code. There will still be an intermediate language of course, which will serve as a middle ground between blocks and C#, but once you want to run the config it will be 100% C# code.

    I will try to write some documentation in case you want to ditch blocks completely and write pure C# configs using the API I created in the new RuriLib.

    Proxied TCP
    The TCP block will finally support both SOCKS4/5 proxies and HTTP proxies (only in case you want to send HTTP requests over TCP). I improved the current mechanism by a lot, and it will be a lot more flexible for all your raw protocol needs.

    WebSocket is currently being implemented, right now it works without proxies but I am planning to add proxy support for it as well in the near future.

    I am replacing the term "Runner" for jobs. Jobs can be of multiple types and not necessarily the same as the "Runner" you're all used to. You will be able to define:

    • proxy sources per job
    • data sources like combinations, ranges, wordlists
    • hits outputs like database (SQLite by default), text files or discord webhooks

    I wrote a brand new threading system that I will also release as a separate package so you can add it to your own projects as well. It supports:

    • soft/hard aborting
    • pausing and resuming
    • dynamic change of bots number while running
    • infinite tasks queue

    Remote access control
    The last thing I want to reveal now is that I plan to add a system to grant access to your OpenBullet2 instance to other people by generating credentials with restrictions like:

    • IP lock
    • Ability to use only certain sections of the program (e.g. deny access to the Config Manager)
    • Expiration date of the key

    This will help prevent leaks by letting you effectively become a cloud service provider and keep your precious configs on your own secure server.

    Alright, this is it

    Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates. We're working hard to make OpenBullet2 a lot better than its predecessor and I'm sure you will appreciate all the work we put in when we try it.

    Stay awesome,


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