Runner Skips All WordList Lines

  • Hi,
    Im using this WLType some days ago,

    Regex=^.*[email protected]*;.*;(http:\/\/www\.|https:\/\/www\.|http:\/\/|https:\/\/)?[a-z0-9]+([\-\.]{1}[a-z0-9]+)+(:[0-9]{1,5})?(\/.*)?$

    Its been working for some days ago, now im back with a new config and when i try to load the WL on the runner, it just skips all the lines and the runner say "Aborted".
    What im doing bad?

    Thanks for the help

  • check if your wordlist has any blank/empty lines that might cause it to skip also you set the seperator as ; so make sue your worldlist is USER;PASS;URL

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