is OpenBulletCLI working?

  • the config from OpenBullet 1.1.3 is working for me but when i use it with OpenBulletCLI it just not working, does anyone have this problem?

    it's throwing these exception on all config.

    [8/27/2019 11:54:11 PM][Error] [9][[email protected]:test][NONE] ERROR in block REQUEST | Exception: It turned out wait for a connection to the HTTP-server ''.

  • Just built and tested OpenbulletCLI
    Still working for me

    Your Error looks like you simply got a timeout - maybe because of bad proxies?

  • when i set the bot to 10 it works but if i set it to 100 it shows error, so 100 bot works on OpenBullet not in OpenBulletCLI, i don't think it's proxy problem 😕

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