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Making your own OpenBullet mod

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    I am writing this guide for people who never used git.

    I will assume you:

    • use Windows (64-bit)
    • have Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 installed on your computer
    • have an account on
    • know how to code in C#

    You need to take the following steps:

    1. Visit the openbullet repository here
      After that, press the fork button on the top right corner. This will basically make a copy of the repository for yourself that you can modify at your own will.

    2. Install git from here and, when asked, select the full install and leave all the default options except for the text editor. As far as I can remember the default text editor that the installer suggests is vim but it might not be suitable for newcomers so you should select something graphical like Notepad++ or Sublime (you need to have them installed of course).

    3. Go to the folder C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/sources/repos (where YOUR_USERNAME is your actual user) and right click on an empty area, then select Open Git Bash here. A terminal window will open.

    4. Type git clone and press enter (replace YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME with your actual username of course). This will start pulling all the files from your forked repository to your local computer so you can work with them.

    5. Open the OpenBullet.sln file with Visual Studio. Once you are inside, make a small change just to start you off (for example you could simply change the program name from OpenBullet to OpenBullet [My Mod]). Then save all the files you edited.

    6. Back to the git bash terminal, type:
      git add --all which will add all the changed files to the commit we're going to make
      git commit -m "Changed the program title" which will make a commit with the desired commit message
      git push -u origin master which will push all the new commits to your repository.
      At the last command, git bash will most certainly ask for your github username and password, which you will need to provide in order to give it writing permissions to your repository.

    At this point you can go search how to merge the changes I make on the master repository into your own fork, it's just a google search away and it will be a nice learning experience :]

  • git push -u origin master. this code is not working help please

  • $ git push -u origin master
    Everything up-to-date
    Branch 'master' set up to track remote branch 'master' from 'origin'.

  • Admin

    That means it worked

  • @Ruri
    hey ruri thanks for your works
    can i ask what is the file which include "OpenBullet 1.2.2" which is wrote top of right corner of openbullet?to can edit this

  • Admin

    @evangel MainWindow.xaml.cs

  • @Ruri Love u

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